What’s Tennis?

tennis racquet and balls on a courtTennis is a popular sport played worldwide by many people from children to adults. It was a sport invented back in ancient times some would say where people would originally play with their hands. Nobody knows for sure which country invented tennis though. Over time lawn tennis has evolved into a sport that utilized two tools: a ball and a racquet.

People who play tennis increase their health because they’re actively moving. It increases one ability to move and react faster, lose weight, improves bone density, muscle tone and more. It’s a pretty intense sport especially when you play it competitively.

Not only does tennis have health benefits but it also is a social sport enjoyed by friends, family, colleagues, and associates. It’s a sport that allows two opponents to test each others ability to move quick enough to hit the ball. That’s partially why it’s an enjoyable activity competitively and just for recreation.