Finding the Best Tennis Equipment

Every sport has its own set of equipment used to be able to play. Basketball needs a ball, badminton needs a racket and a shuttle cock and tennis needs a tennis racket and a ball. Without these, games are not possible. That is why it is necessary to invest on these equipment for you to maximize your game experience.

Tennis is played with just a racket and a ball, so it is best to learn more about these before doing a purchase. In order to buy something worth your penny, you must first know which equipment best cater to your needs.

Best Tennis Equipment

Tennis Racquets

Tennis racquets are the most common investment of tennis players. They find it so hard to choose one that’s best for their playing skills since a lot of tennis racquets are available in the market today. But, some key points are very crucial when it comes to choosing a tennis racquet.

Tennis racquets come in various sizes and shape. This is good to start off with what you prefer to have. But, there is so much more to tennis racquets than its aesthetic design. You must always consider its features since this will heavily affect your performance in the game. First and foremost, you have to consider your level of skills as this will tell if you are a beginner or an advanced player. Sorting this out will help you know which racquet suits you. Its weight, length and grip size are to be taken into consideration. Also, some players tend to sort it out with string materials, string pattern and of course the tennis racquet brand. Some of the most famous tennis racquet brands to choose from are Babolat, Head and Wilson.

Tennis Balls

Tennis balls seem to look like one another which let people think all tennis balls are the same, but they’re not. Just like tennis racquets, tennis balls also come with different versions and brands. There are at least 7 known brands of tennis balls available in the market today: Wilson, Babolat, Penn, Dunlop, Prince, Slazenger and Head.

Tennis balls have two types: pressurized and pressureless. A pressurized ball is the most common available in the market and is more preferred compared to a pressureless ball. Pressurized balls are stiffer so they bounce back more, but they are less durable because they wear off easily from the moment they are removed from the pressurized can. This ball needs constant replacement compared to pressureless balls.

Pressureless balls on the other hand, stay the same even after long duration of usage. They seem to last longer and prevents you from replacing your ball over and over. This is the ideal ball used in the long run for it lasts longer, which prevents you from buying a replacement over and over. Basically, pressureless balls are widely used in Europe while pressurized balls are common in the US.

Tennis Bags

If you’re one of those people who has a morning tennis session with friends or you are one of those advanced players joining hundreds of tennis contests and events, then tennis bag is your most useful equipment. With tennis bags, you have the convenience to carry your bulky racquet and your tennis balls and also your other belongings such as shoes, T-shirts and gadgets.

The most ideal tennis bag should be able to house and protect your tennis racquet no matter what. Racquets are so important that you cannot afford to allow a single scratch on it, so investing on a good tennis bag is really necessary. You should look for a bag that has a lot of space and compartments so it can carry all of your stuff in just a single bag. The material used for the bag should also be taken into consideration since a tennis bag should be durable and long lasting. Some of the most famous tennis bag brands include Nike, Head and Babolat.